About the treatment

The application of our product against crown rot in plantain and banana is the ultimate solution against the inconveniences this problem causes.

The product must be applied by dipping the crown in a solution containing SANI CR and water in equal parts, always after the last cut to be made to the bunch.

With the application of SANI CR we lengthen the shelf life of plantain and banana, stopping the rot, also achieving a better appearance and making the fruit last longer in the shelves.

Improves results

Compared to current treatments, SANI CR greatly improves the results and allows for longer shipping.


SANI CR may be used together with other drencher treatments (always refer to our technical office)


With our treatments, based off GRAS substances, no toxic waste is generated, thus deeming it unnecessary to manage them before dumping them back into the main water network.

Environmentally friendly

We help take care of the environment, since we work only with natural products, that won’t harm it in any way whatsoever.


FORTIFYING & FUNGISTATIC product, which helps fight crown rot in plantain and banana

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Product benefits

Slows down crown rot

prevents and slows down the evolution of fungal growth, decreasing both the rot’s evolution and the emergence of mycelium.


Strengthens the fruit to help it withstand ripening, shipping and storage conditions.


The application of SANI CR generates no toxic waste that could potentially harm the environment, which deems it unnecessary to manage them afterwards, and as such this incurs in a reduction of final costs.

Increases the life of the fruit

Increases the shelf life for plantains/bananas, which means a decrease in losses and complaints, while allowing the fruit to reach further away.
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