About the treatment

The application of our SANI D PL product through drencher allows for the substitution of the products that are currently used, with similar results but without generating toxic waste that could harm the environment.

For a proper application, mix the SANI D PL product with water, at a dosage of 1 to 2% depending on the fruit’s condition.

With SANI D PL you may lengthen the shelf life of plantain and banana. Nevertheless, if you need to mix it with other products and for long-term shipments please refer to our technical office.

Improves results

Using SANI D PL improves the performance of fungicides currently available in the market.

SANI CR compatibility

Together, these products offer an extensive, highly effective treatment against crown rot, guaranteeing a longer shelf life during shipping and point of sale.


By working with our products we guarantee that no toxic products will be generated, and thus it won’t be necessary to process them before dumping them into the main water network.

Environmentally friendly

We help take care of the environment, since we only work with 100% non-toxic products, respectful with the environment.



FUNGISTATIC and PREVENTIVE agent, that slows down the rot’s evolution, decreasing both its growth as well as the emergence of mycelium.

See technical sheet
Product benefits

Slows down CROWN ROT

stops and slows down the fungal growth, decreasing both the rot’s evolution and the emergence of mycelium.


strengthens the fruit to help it withstand the ripening and storage conditions


the product has been formulated with 100% natural ingredients, and thus doesn’t generate toxic waste that might need to be processed after the use, preventing sanctions and waste management.